No History for Entities

Is there a way to fix entities that have no history.

From the same device that is generating several entities seemingly randomly some of them never get logged.
No logbook events found. Ever for years.


The History Card also is weird…

Notice it is set to One Hour but never fills up the space. For years.

What are those entities and what’s the device? Might be a bug in the integration?

Why are there two sensors for what seems to be the same thing?

ESPhome D1 mini hooked up to a RF 433mhz receiver. This problem has survived the test of updates of ESPhome and HA… My guess is if I wipe the device and start over It may solve the problem. I would not like to start over.
RF signal for State On… Then a RF signal for State off.

Have you hidden the entities? That will affect history.

Do you have recoder options setup in the configuration.yaml to include/exclude certain domains/entities ?

Interesting !! Not excluded.
I wish you guys were correct.