No Homematic Devices show up

I am new at HomeAssistant (have played with OH2 a little bit before) and I am now struggling with integrating the Homematic CCU2 to my system. If have running HA 0.94.0 on a Synology DS916+ in a Docker-Container. I already have successfully set up some Philips Hue Devices, an Axis IP-Cam, connection to a Google Calendar and a connection to my Fibaro HC2 so that all Fibaro devices and scenes have shown up. But after spending a few hours with reading some comments on integrating the Homematic CCU2 I am a little bit desperate.
Only “homematic.rf_hhs_ccu “ with theses Attributes:
Alarmmeldungen: 0
Alarmzone 1:
Anwesenheit: true
Servicemeldungen: 0
rf_hhs_ccu icon:
… is shown in the States - but no devices … and in the Logs I can see this: “Setup of homematic is taking over 10 seconds.”

In the configuration.yaml I have this:


port: 2001
resolvenames: json
callback_port: 8123
username: Admin
password: XXXXXXX
port: 9292
resolvenames: xml
username: Admin
password: XXXXXXX
path: /groups
username: Admin
password: XXXXXXX

Do I have there something wrong? I only have wireless devices (windows, thermostats, …)

The problem probably is caused by the way Docker networks work. Search the forum with the kaywords homematic and docker. Other users were successful in getting this to work.
The callback_ip and port should als be present in the section for the groups I think. But I think the port you have configured is wrong. The port you have specified is the one used by the HA webserver. So the CCU will send the events to the webserver. But that’s not where they are supposed to end up. As said above, look how other Docker users got it working.

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Thanks Daniel, this is a point I haven´t thought of. The connection to the API of my Fibaro HC2 works without any problems. On the Synology NAS I have set up only one port in Docker, that will be forwarded: 8123 So I will have a look, whether there are other ports for the CCU2 needed.
One possibility is, that my HC2 does not work fine. I had some issues to connect from OpenHab to the HC2 in the last weeks - after a Power Outage. Before that, the connection worked for 2 years without any problem. What wonders me, ist the fact, that the CCU2 works fine. Another option could be one of the last CCU2 updates. Not easy to figure out… :frowning:

I don’t know anything about your devices. But to give you a general overview of how the HomeMatic component works:

  1. HomeAssistant starts (and listens on port 8123)
  2. The HomeMatic component gets setup (an additional RPC server process with either a random port or one you can configure)
  3. The RPC server contacts the CCU, telling it “you can reach me at”
  4. The CCU tries to establish a connection to that address and tells us about all the devices (this is the part that fails for you)
  5. The component uses that device information to generate the entities
  6. Every time a device changes, the CCU again sends that data to

So I assume in your case you have to set a static port for the incoming connection from the CCU, and set up some sort of forwarding for that on your Docker-device. Also the callback IP may have to be modified to be the one of the Docker device (where 8123 also is being forwarded to the container).