No light state card (color, brightness) in nested group

I have a group within a nested group that contains some lights and switches. But I can’t access the brightness slider and color picker of the RGB lights in the nested group.

The first picture shows the parent group with the nested group at the bottom called “Lichter”.

The second picture shows the opened nested group with the lights and switches. Note: I cannot click on the lights and “open” them to access the brightness slider or color picker. I guess home assistant currently does not support more then one opened popup?


  name: Wohnzimmer
  - [...]
  - group.wohnzimmer_bulbs
  name: Lichter
  - light.couch
  - light.todesstern
  - light.kugel
  - switch.steckdose_wohnzimmer_lampions_switch
  - light.papierlampe