No longer receiving updates on settings tab?

I don’t seem to be receiving Home Assistant core update prompts on the settings tab anymore after updating to 2022.04.0 (the same issue may be present for the supervisor but there are no updates available for that at the moment anyway).

There are definitely updates available as I can visit the update URL directly and update core just fine.

I’m not using default_config, so I’m not sure if I’m maybe missing something? I don’t seem have any update entities for Home Assistant itself (or the supervisor).

I’m running HassOS on a Pi 3 B+. Core is at 2022.04.1 (updated from .0 by visiting the update URL directly) and supervisor is at 2022.04.0.

Looks like this is my fault!

I had this option turned off and it didn’t create the update entity for Home Assistant, which the configuration panel uses for update prompts. Manually enabling the update entity under the supervisor integration fixed the issue.


Thanks man… for those who found it enabled like me just disable it and enable it again will fix it.

Don’t know if it’s related, but with the new settings panel i’m struggling to update home assistant. When i go to settings i see a notification of a new version. But when i click it, i just get a popup that shows me the version. But no way to start the update proces. Am i so dumb or is something not working as it should…

I was seeing the same issue and it was temporarily resolved by initially manually updating via CLI, and second time by enabling all home assistant update entities (I had a couple disabled). But I’m back at the same spot as you now, and not sure if I just need to go via CLI again for upgrading.

Where do I find these system options?

Devices and Services, it’s under the three dots for Supervisor.