No mails anymore from this community forum

When I get PM messages, or when someone quotes me, i used to get mails from this community forum , but now not anymore since a week?

Settings are still the same, setup to: always… On my account preferences…

I only still see the green/orange circles, but no mails

Anyone else seeing this too ?

Send me a personal message and I’ll see if I get an email notification.

Done, i didn’t receive a message when you did reply

Yeah I’m not getting notifications either.

Yeah, something is wrong since a week of a few days at least

I’m suddenly not getting email notifications either

Yeah, em neither

still not getting mails :frowning:

It’s working again for me, thx to who fixed it


i’m getting no email notifications since 6.6. anybody too?

Do we have a problem at the forum again or what could be happend?


i’m still getting mails

Do not know what happend and what I can do. No single notification anymore?!