No matching distribution found for homeassistant==2024.6.2

I try to follow the proper instalation from the linux installation process.
once I arrive to this next step:
“Once you have installed the required Python package, it is now time to install Home Assistant Core!”

pip3 install homeassistant==2024.6.2

Then I have this error: “No matching distribution found for homeassistant==2024.6.2”

I’ve been looking everywhere in Google and nothing.

Any help woulde be apreciated.

What version of python are you running ?

the version 3 as per installation guide “Linux - Home Assistant
from a fresh install of Armbian 24.5.1 Bookworm Khadas Edge2 linux 6.8.11.

Hope that help, have a good one.

Did you tried the “Dedicated HomeAssistant” release ?
Khadas Edge 2 - Armbian.

It was released in May

Anyway maybe you could try a “lower” version of HA i.e 2024.6.0, or 2024.5.0,and update after(if it succeed)

Version 3 does not say much. Debian bookworm comes with Python 3.11, so I suspect Armbian Bookworm to come with Python 3.11 too.
And that is the problem, to run homeassisant core 2024.6.2 you need Python 3.12 installed.


Does not seems to be a “Stable-Release-Version” ( No 6.8.y seems ), and the ones from their “download-page” is 6.8.10

Not that i think it matters, in this “stage”

actually I did, many times and once runing there are those 2 error from Home Assistant:
"Unsupported system - AppArmor issues : System is unsupported because AppArmor is working incorrectly and add-ons are running in an unprotected and insecure way.

Unsupported system - CGroup version: System is unsupported because the wrong version of Docker CGroup is in use."

And I was surprise as it is for Edge2 but still have errors?

Now I try to just insting it a different way…still issues.

If you go to this page Khadas Edge2 Dedicated applications
you can see the Home Assistant and that generate those 2 errors.

I really don’t want to buy an Orange Box as it can be done faster with Edge2.

Thank you for looking into this.
Have a good one.

Who have mentioning buying Orange ?, if anything id recommend Green, for you.
However installing HomeassistanOS, you should be able to barebone, if it’s supported hardware, if it’s not why go through the hassle in the first place ?

Not sure about your “definition” of Faster +20 hours(with nothing but problems) sounds not fast, in my opinion, how many hours did you spend on installing an unstable/buggy-release of Bookworm Khadas Edge2 linux 6.8.11 ?


just about 8 hours, I’ll reset to the one :


And wait for an update, it is made for that… at one point, someone will fix it.

Thank you for your time looking into this, much appreciated.

PS: I’ve been using Home Assistant since the beginning on Raspberry Pi 3B !!!