No more access to Home Assistant

Hello everyone,
I wanted to follow's tutorial with Cloudfare

And I must have made a mistake somewhere because I no longer have access to HA at all. Neither locally, nor on the web.
How can I reset my installation to blank (factory)?
I had just started up, so I wouldn’t lose much.
Or is there another solution?

How did you install HA ?

I took an HA green, so plug and play

Can you attach a keyboard and monitor ?

I haven’t tested it. You have to connect a screen via HDMI and a keyboard via USB, right?


then the commands to run are

core stop
rm -rf /config

and your HA is blank, next reboot you will get the onboarding screen again.

I’ll give it a try, thank you.

Excuse me, but what am I using to type these command lines? As I don’t have access to HA? With software?

That is why I asked if you could connect keyboard and monitor.

ok I understand , i test

Hello, the code rm -rf /config does not work, it tells me that it is not recognized.

ha core stop
ha login

is ok

Please how i can reset config

Hello, here’s how to reset the config.
1 - Go to the HA terminal and connect a keyboard and a screen.
2 - Type the following codes:

core stop
rm -rf /homeassistant

3 - Press the button on the back of the green HA for 12 seconds.
4- Disconnect from mains for 6 seconds.
5 - Reconnect the mains and wait for the LEDs to s
You have a blank configuration without having lost the other elements.

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