No motion detection


I have several Philips Hue’s Motion Sensors.

One of them suddenly doesn’t detect motion anymore. It still gives me the temperature in the room, but that’s all (no motion and no luminosity).

I already did a reconnection to my ZigBee network (ZHA}, but that doesn’t help.

Can I do something else or is it broken ?

Thanks !

I dont have zha, but usually changing battery and pair it again do the trick.

Very strange : the battery level I get from ZHA shows me 100% and after testing those batteries this is correct (1.5 V). Still I replaced them with other ones and…it works ?!

Maybe it was enough to set the device for a moment out of power and just replace the same batteries…

But the main thing is that it works, thank you!

A battery may well display full voltage when measured with no load. Under load it may well not show full voltage. If in doubt change.

FYI: just had another motion sensor that was acting stupid…so took the batteries out and put the same one back in and it works fine again.

Look as soon as your battery powered devices are began acting weird it’s usually low batteries. You can heat nearly drained battery in your hand, put it back in device and it will work. But it wont work very long.

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Will keep that in mind, thanks !