No-neutral alternative for Shelly Plus 1

Hi community. What do you think is the best alternative for a Shelly Plus 1 when there is no neutral wire available at the light switch?

To provide some context, I want to install a motion sensor in my bathroom to turn on the light. I figured the first step would be to ensure that I can turn the light on and off via Home Assistant, and once that works, install a motion sensor.

I am aware this can be achieved fairly easily using a smart light bulb. However, the problem with this approach is that I cannot control the light with a “dumb” physical switch anymore, because turning the light off with the dumb switch would cut the power and prevent HA from controlling the light. For instance, I want to be able to turn the light on/off when my HA server fails.

Therefore, I figured the Shelly Plus 1 would be the best solution, because then I can use both HA and the dumb switch to toggle the light, and I would be able to toggle the light when HA fails as well.,

However… there is no neutral wire routed to the light switch in my bathroom, and as far as I am aware the Shelly Plus 1 needs a neutral wire to power the device itself. So, I’m looking for a new solution, but honestly I’m out of ideas. Any input on the matter would be very much appreciated.

Discontinued, but:

and it looks like a new one is on the way:

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Thanks @Troon, that would have been the perfect solution, but as you mentioned the device is discontinued. And even if I might get my hands on one, it would be a bit risky because when it fails, I’m stuck at the same problem I have right now.

EDIIT: I just noticed your edit. Awesome, in the Reddit thread they mention the following:

Thank you for reaching out to us!
We are pleased to inform you that Shelly Plus 1L will be available in the first quarter of next year.​Let us know if you have further questions.
Best Regards, Shelly Support Team

I cross-posted this thread to Reddit, and one user there named DIY_CHRIS mentioned the following:

I installed three Sonoff ZBMINIL2 this weekend. They are no-neutral. There is also a WiFi variant if that’s your preference. They are nice and small, much smaller than Shelly 1 Plus and 1L. They operate fine so far. The only quirk is the on/off toggles will switch when both the zigbee and physical button are used. I think this can be avoided with rocker switches instead of toggles.

Haven’t looked into this device yet, but it sounds promising. Will definitely do some reading tonight!