No neutral Wifi Light Switch

Just had to share this, I have like many other people been pulling my hair out with the ‘no neutral’ wire wifi switch scenario. Well finally i have come across a site that is offering just the thing the switches work fine without a neutral wire and they do remote two way switches as well… I have purchased a couple of two gang switches and a two way switch (which is a radio remote switch but works a treat!) and i have got to say they have cracked it!!! The switches work great, don’t need a neutral wire, swap like for like and can fit in a 25mm back box. they work from the app or Alexa and Google home.

You just joined this forum and your first post is effectively a promotion for a supplier? The link doesn’t even point to what you allegedly purchased but the site’s main page.

“they have cracked it!!!”

Cracked what? Making a remotely-controlled switch that can operate without a neutral wire? There’s nothing to “crack”, the solution has been around for longer than most people here have heard of “Home Automation”.

Oldest solution is to leak some current through the load, just enough to keep the device’s electronics alive so it can listen for commands, but not enough to activate the load. Alternately, harvest and store energy while the load is activated (or even from the kinetic energy of actuating the physical switch) and then consume it when the load is inactive.

Example: Enocean makes an energy-harvesting version.

Sorry for not providing a direct link, and not sure what you mean about this being solved years ago? I have been trying to get hold of a wifi light switch that doesn’t need a hub or a neutral wire and couldn’t find one until i found this.
i have nothing to do with this site and I am a genuine customer but thought it was a good thing to share on a forum that is on the first page when searching for 'no neutral wire wifi light switch.
By the way the direct link is here:
Hope this helps people


It is an overpriced copy of LIVOLO 433MHz switch adopted for WiFi, nothing more. A product looks very similar to LIVOLO ones.


This site is selling (over-priced) rebranded Sonoff Hardware. Have a look at the Smart WiFi Switch page, these switches are clearly Sonoff’s

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Please point me to the Sonoff ‘no neutral required’ wall switch product …

Whilst I agree this looks like advertising I am not aware of any other UK no neutral reqd. WiFi product… and if it is Sonoff based even better…ESP8266 firmware upgradeability. Need these to work on MQTT.


It’s great to be be able to offer WiFi … so much better than 433Mhz and fairly priced I think. Hope it can do MQTT , perhaps with a firmware update.

Morning all.
Without wanting to resarect any arguments about over priced or sonoff rip offs etc, has anyone used these switches.

While searching the old no neutral saga I came across them and I think while maybe a bit pricey (my opinion and not the start of a debate) I like the look of them they but if they don’t integrate into HA then they are no use to me.

It would be nice if they could be flashed with Tasmota or ESPhome.

@Saussy I have ordered from that website before and its true what people are saying about their wifi switch i.e. a sonoff. I bought it and returned it after they failed to provide me with the certificates showing compliance with BS standards i.e. BS 7671 etc.

They claim to say that all their products are BS certified but when you ask them to show you the certification they wont respond.

Made in China, sold in the UK without certification. I would avoid them as I do not want a blaze in my house !