No notification with image on local network

Hi, I’ve been using automation to show camera’s snapshot on notications for a while now. But since today, I can only receive notification when I’m not connected to my local network. Surprisingly my wife still receives them, I can see by comparing both our phones that in the server’s details, local push is disabled for her. On my side, it indicates Available 0. Have anyone been experiencing that before?

If I remove the DATA portiion of the automation (which is required to show snapshot in the nofification) the notification then works!?

Thank you for your help.

In fact, I just realized that notifications are no longer received when connected to internal URL but work perfectly fine when connected to external URL. Any advice where to look first would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

The app has a setting for local notifications
Check the setting and set it to opposite of current.

Thank you, yes there is a section for local notifications parameter, but it is the same as the other phone which is working. I can’t find any relevant settings.

I think I just found the fix. I went to parameters/companion app/server/internal url turn off local notification