No notifications available in iOS 16 beta

mark, Are you saying that the notification does show on your phone, but the buttons for your actions don’t show?

This is happening to me also. I get the notification, but I can’t get the buttons to show to trigger any of my actions.

Hi Daniel,

Yes that was happening - in the end I removed (deleted for my phone only) the integration and re-added it in HA. I had to set the devices up again in node red etc but all works as expected now,

Hope this helps


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Yes it helped! Problem fixed after I deleted the app and reinstalled it on my phone. Thank you

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OMG!!! That was IT! Thank you SO much! I spent HOURS trying this-and-that with NOTHING working!

My wife’s iPhone was on 16.1.x and wasn’t getting a single notification! I added Home Assistant as an approved app and the notify.notify notifications immediately came though!

Question though… how can I silence the notification sound while in DND without silencing them in the iOS Settings>HA settings>Notifications>Sounds toggle?

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