No notifications on smart watch

I’m not getting any notifications on my Galaxy Watch 6. I have Home Assistant installed as an app on both my phone and the watch, and notifications are enabled on both devices. Notifications work for all other apps (except Instagram, but that’s another topic and not related to this issue).

At first, I assumed that all notifications on my phone would also show up on the watch (which would be the best solution for me). But then I saw that there is a separate notification service for the watch. However, when I run it, nothing happens, I don’t get any notifications on the watch.

Does anyone have a similar device and perhaps know what to do about this?

Notifications show up on my watch perfectly when sent to the phone. For this, the notifications settings in the app for the Samsung watch must be set to on for home assistant.

Sending a notification from HA directly to my watch does not work when it’s connected vie Bluetooth to my phone. Only when the watch is connected via Wifi it gets the notification. Funnily, when sending one to my phone afterwards, both get delivered to my watch (the direct one and the one to the phone).

Hm, that’s weird. Which notification service do you use? I’m using the one for the companion app on my phone (notify.mobile_app_sm_s906b). Maybe that’s the difference?

Good to know, so I won’t even bother to create specific notifications for the watch, because it’s connected to my phone 99% of the time.

I am using the service for the phone app, yes.

You could check the Galaxy Wear app if Home Assistant is allowed to send notifications to your watch. I am pretty sure it’s not atm. Just tested with my wife :joy: