No notifications

I’ve been using HA for some months and recently migrated from a RPi3B to HA Yellow. I am now starting to create automations and wanted to use the push notification service for the first time.

No matter what I try, I get nothing. I found several older threads on checking the settings etc, but can’t find anything that matches the complete silence I am getting.

Are there perhaps networking ports that have to be open to get this to work? My HA yellow is on my IOT vlan, the iPhone is on the home vlan. The HA app seems to work fine, but I can’t get any pop-ups on my IOS devices.

I did not try sending push notifications to MacOS - I’ll report back on that.


Can you see your notify.<your_iphone> service and have you tried resetting the push notification ID from the companion app?

Any errors in your server logs?

The companion app also has debug logs you could work through.

I ran companion app > settings > PushID reset,
then developer tools services > notify. mobile app steves iphone

There was a green tick after calling the service

Nothing in settings > system > logs.

Nothing in iphone app > debugging > event log.


IOS, Android?

In IOS there is a setting ‘Allow notifications’, and should be enabled :thinking:

It’s on and I get plenty of other notifications. The companion app’s specific IOS notification settings are also on.

What ports (in/out) need to be open for the Apple push notification service ?

depends a bit if you are connected internal or external…

The HTTP/2 provider for APNs uses TCP port 443 as the main port of communication, but developers are also allowed to use TCP port 2197 if outbound access to port 443 is blocked by firewalls.

I opened up terminal under HA Visual Studio code and was able to curl - so port 443 is open.

Is there a curl command I can execute in the terminal to connect to the web socket API? As I mentioned at the beginning my HA Yellow and iPhone are on different vlans, so would like to check that traffic can flow between the two (the app and HA web page can be accessed from IOS)

I did receive a notification on my phone during the night:

Is this a real notification or is it generated locally by the app?


Some progress.

My wife has the HA companion app on her tablet and does receive notifications. So I need to focus on my iPhone, iPad and Apple ID settings.


Re-checked the notification settings as described in various notes and they were all set correctly. I then tried searching for notifications within IOS settings and came across the Focus section, and within that Personal Focus was on which limited the apps that could send updates!!

Hope this might be of help in the future - Apple notifications are ALSO managed by the IOS focus feature.