No open ports

Hi All,
Recently bought a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB upgrading from my Raspberry Pi 1 Model B which was a much much need upgrade.
So I installed the correct IMG flashed my SD card and expected that be it similar to how it was with Pi1 but I cant seem to access Hassio.

The device is seemingly booted as ‘Hassio’ appears as a connect device on my router (ethernet) but I cannot access the interface via the IP link or Hassio.local:8123 method.

Currently dont have a way of connecting to a monitor as my Micro HDMI cable has yet to arrive.

Anyone have any ideas? also upon viewing which ports were open on the device there were none open

hassio does take time to download stuff, 20-45 minutes have been quoted.

Can we assume it is plugged into wired ethernet, you can ping it.

Are the blinky lights on the pi flashing?

Also precisely which image did you download and flash?

I have 100mb/s internet and have left it over night and there is still no joy using Ethernet. I can ping the Pi fine. Everything seems to light up fine, after a while there is just a stable red LED though

I used the (RC) Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 64bit image, I double checked that it is the Model B Pi I have.