No "Open" (Unlatch) available for locks

I am trying to implement my Nuki smartlock into my Home Assistant environment. It looks fine, but when I add the lock entity to any dashboard I have no option to open (unlatch) my door. Via devtools I see that is available - why is it not shown as an option on my dashboard?

Does somebody have similar issues and knows how this can be fixed?

In my dashboard button card the only action available is toggle, which locks and unlocks the door.

If you write a script, you have the choice of four services: lock.lock, and lock.unlock, plus nuki.lock_n_go and you can then run the script from a button card on your dashboard.

Hi Stiltjack,

thanks for your reply. A script would work indeed, thank you for the idea. Nevertheless I wonder why the “open/unlatch” is not shown when I just add the entity as the service provides this feature. Do you know why that is?

Sorry… Just realised that there is a call service option in the tap action dropdown. This gives you access to lock.lock etc. so you can have separate buttons for locking and unlocking.