No 'pop up toast' style messages when starting, depending on which browser is used


When restarting HA I used to get “Connection lost. Reconnecting” which is normal and the ‘toast’ / pop up style messages, connecting xx add-on , nearly finished, dismis. Etc

Now I’m just get the Connection lost. Reconnecting with no other messages, and it’s taking far longer to start HA

The reconnection message will finally disappear and I can use HA (no error messages in log files)

just why am I no longer seeing the small toast / pop up quick messages bottom left of the screen and only reconnection…?

I tried deactivating all add-ons to see if it was that and also deleted my .log and .db files; It doesn’t change anything

Has something changed in the latest updates or do I have a problem in my setup ? As the messages we’re showing untill around the 2924 updates came out

Using Vivaldi browser , also cleared all data from Vivaldi, cookies, passwords etc

Runing Debian , Docker
Core 2024.1.5
Supervisor 2023.12.1
Operating System
Frontend 20240104.0

I’m replying to my own,

It’s seems to be Vivaldi and Chrome that’s causing this (just installed chrome for testing), logged into HA, restarted it, But have the same problem, no ‘pop up toast’ style messages, connecting xx add-on, nearly finished, dismis. Etc

Using Firefox all the these messages are appearing correctly as they used to in Vivaldi (it seems before the 2024 updates) it also starts HA much quicker

So something is up with chrome browsers
Any ideas anybody ??