No PT1000 with MAX31865

I try to use PT1000 with a MAX31865. No matter, what I set up, it only recognizes PT100. When I connect a 120Ω resistance as sensor, it gets 48°C. When I use a 1000Ω, it says “RTD High Threshold between measurements”.
The reference resistor is 4700Ω.
Does anybody know, what I do wrong?

  clk_pin: GPIO14
  miso_pin: GPIO12
  mosi_pin: GPIO13

  - platform: max31865
    name: "BBQ Temperature"
    icon: "mdi:hamburger"
    cs_pin: GPIO15
    reference_resistance: "4300 Ω"
    rtd_nominal_resistance: "1000 Ω"

the log output with the 120Ω connected is

[21:29:42][D][sensor:093]: 'BBQ Temperature': Sending state 48.52332 °C with 2 decimals of accuracy

with a 1000Ω it’s

[21:15:47][W][max31865:034]: RTD High Threshold between measurements
[21:15:47][E][max31865:101]: SPI bus read all 0 or all 1 (0xFFFF), check MAX31865 wiring & power.
[21:15:47][D][sensor:093]: 'BBQ Temperature': Sending state nan °C with 2 decimals of accuracy

even changing the default values back to 470Ω / 100Ω doesn’t seem to have an effect.

Thanks for any suggestions

The solution is a beginners mistake. User sbrk-r have me the hint, that 4700 means 470, not 4700 ohms.
I had a 4701 right next to it and didn’t realize.
I’m pretty sure after soldering the correct resistor, it will work properly.

Thanks for your help

Unless you’ve got impeccable soldering skills, changing the resistor from a 4700 to a 4701 is a nightmare.

I destroyed 2 MAX31865 boards this way, and countless resistors. Eventually I gave up and bought the rarer & more expensive 4701 version.