No refresh of values in Dashboard with kiosk-mode add on

I like to have a dashboard displayed on an iPad. When nobody is at home the iPad blanks the screen/goes to sleep. If I come back home I awake the iPad.

To have the dashboard without the menu header bar; I use the kiosk-mode add on.

I display a slide show in an iframe, some temperatures in big number cards, a weather forecast in a weather-chart-card, a temperature curve in an apexcharts-card and a second weather-card.

The iframe works well and continues with slideshow, all other card not.

When I show the same dashboard i.e. in Safari, it behaves the same

How can I make the dashboard show actualised values?
How can I have a dashboard display without the menu bar on the top and on the left side?

When I have the dasboard displayed in Safari and switch tabs the apexcharts-card actualises, the other don’t.

Found that thread and removed some cards, which seems to solve the issue when using a normal browser.

But the behaviour remains the same - no updated sensor values - when using the kiosk-mode add on