No response on Homekit

Hi all,
Ever since version 109 I have problems with the HomeKit integration. All my HASS HomeKit devices are not responding every 5 to 15 mins and they start up again for another 5 to 15 mins. This seems like an endless loop. Other direct connected HomeKit devices stay online though. So only devices connected through HASS are affected.

Before 109 devices also occasionally showed no response but nowhere near this often. At this time it’s getting really annoying.

Where to start troubleshooting?

I’ve already enabled logging, but I haven’t been able to filter out something useful yet.

This is the last line in the log when it goes down:

2020-05-22 22:08:46 DEBUG (Thread-90) [pyhap.hap_server] Cleaning connection to (‘’, 50650)

After that nothing is recorded for a while.

And then after 6 mins it fires up again:

2020-05-22 22:14:45 INFO (Thread-5) [pyhap.hap_server] Got connection with (‘’, 50655).

I’ve kinda ruled out any networking issues. IGMP/multicast seems to be configured correctly. Especially since other direct corrected HomeKit devices (HUE in my case) are functioning correctly while using exactly the same network topology/config.

No one?
Running out of options here :exploding_head: