No "Restore from backup"

Hi - before posing, i have searched but struggled to find a solution.
My HA stopped working on my synology - so installed a new docker and latest image but I cant find any option to restore from backup - bit of a noob, can anyone assist please?

Iā€™m assuming that is a Docker/Container install?

If so see footnote 2 in the table here: Installation - Home Assistant

You need to manually restore by copying the entire /config folder from your backup to your new install.

Hi Tom - yes it is a Docker/Container install. I originally did a backup from my Pi which stopped working for some reason & could not log in so tried this restore process.

Ok - so copied the folder - backups are there, but no 3 ā€¦ to restore - strange?

Let me try again.

As the footnote I linked to says, there is no UI restore function for Container installs.

You have to extract the /config folder from the backup and copy it to your new system.

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