No Restore functionality while Onboarding

I’m running Home Assistant in a docker container on Debian 11.3 and there is no option to restore a backup on the Onboarding Screen. I already cleared Browser Cache and restarted Browser, tried different Browsers…

What can I do? Trying the whole evening and today for simply migrating from Raspi 3 to an old Notebook…

HA Container (docker) does not offer that option, only HA OS and HA Supervised do.

You can copy the /config folder (including hidden files and folders) from your Pi to your new installation.

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Indeed, unpacked backup and copied and everything is right there :slight_smile:

But is there any advantage from HA Supervised over HA Container?

Only the add-ons.

Damn, I need zigbee2mqtt Addon…

Am I the only one who ended up googling this topic and wondering, why this info is mentioned in any way on the HA installation page?

How hard is it to put a disclaimer there?