No RGB wheel with Yeelight LED Stripe since Update 0.111

Hi all,

since i moved my HA from a Raspberry Pi 3 (0.110.x) to a Pi4 (2GB) with Version 0111. there is no RGB wheel on the Yeelight RGB LED stripes.

On the Yeelight RGB bulbs is a RGB wheel, also on the bedside lamp.

The automation ignores my color specification for my night light.

    - service: light.turn_on
        entity_id: light.deckenlampe_schlafzimmer_ambilight
        rgb_color: [255,0,0]
        brightness: 1

Before that, everything worked perfectly

Do i have to change anything since the update?

My System:

LED stipe:

Bedside lamp:

My config:
    - yeelight
      name: Deckenlampe Schlafzimmer
      name: Flur
      name: Schlafzimmer Stern
      name: Esstisch 1
      name: Esstisch 1
      name: WC
      name: Nachttisch Lampe
      name: M 

Thank you


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Same thing here.
Because of the update, my LED strip has not RGB wheel.
More so ever, I am also not able to update to never versions from 0.111.1, because I get always a client error (and yes, I have enough storage). I also restored a lot of things from backups, because I had a generic install, but seems like quite a lot of things got broken that way…

Okay, found a way to solve this…
I don’t know if it was always there, but you can also specify the model of the yeelight you want to add to the config. Hence modify the config so that it looks like this:

      name: Flur 
      model: strip1

Thank you. Works perfectly.