No statistics for all(?) sensors

Hi all,

I must have made a mistake about two weeks ago. Since 2024-03-14, I don’t have any statistics for any sensor in home assistant, be it overkiz/Somfy, my Viessmann heat pump, my photovoltaic, tuya… Nothing. I probably misconfigured something, maybe in config.yaml, but I have no clue where to look for or how it might even break to begin with. All updates installed on HA, too. I didn’t find anything useful on the Internet, apart from a few people reporting something similar, but no apparent solution, or it was fixed for them with some update.

Using HAOS on a raspberry pi, nothing fancy.

Any ideas?

Perhaps your SD card is full.

Good point, only I’m using an SSD and have 90% free space :wink:

If I revert to a backup, let’s say 3 days before, would that possibly solve the issue?

I don’t have full backups for that time, only HA core. Does that revert config files, too?