No success integrating

I used the AIO installer to set up HA on a Raspberry Pi 3. Finally got Z-Wave working and I’ve now turned my attention to It does show up in the list of domains when HA is running, and offers two or three services, none of which actually do anything that I can tell. There is also no sign of in the GUI. Here’s the error text generated during startup. Any ideas, folks? Big thanks!

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I don’t have any advice specific to to add, but it’s generally helpful to post the related code from your configuration (sanitizing codes/passwords).

Have you examined that ghostdriver.log file to see if you can figure out your permissions issue?

Thx for the response, lh8gates. Here’s the config code in my configuration.yaml file:

# interface
  platform: alarmdotcom
  username: [email protected]
  password: redactword
  code: 0000

I’ve searched the RP3 from /root for ghostdriver.log and there are no occurrences of that file on the device.