No supervisor tab on HA (supervised debian 11 install)

I installed ha supervised in a fresh debian 11, but no “add on” tab appear.
I used this guide, changing to .deb latest version.

uname -a

Ha info

Observer seems ok

No add-on tab

Any idea on what can I do to get the tab back?

The Supervisor tab went away a year or two back.

Also, you really should run HAOS not Supervised.

From what I saw HA supervised is a supported installation and i thought that addons where present.
Am I wrong? The only way to get them is HAOS?

That’s not what Tinkerer said. He said the supervisor tab went away (part of the refactoring of the UI) not Supervised as an install type. The supervisor specific options were moved around under settings (which is also where you find add-ons now.)

As to HAOS, I agree in most cases. Many people errantly go for a supervised install when HAOS would work for them and save a LOT of headaches. Supervised is intended only for the very small use case where you have a Debian 11 box and you cannot install the full OS because you’re using it for other workloads and must have control over the OS for one reason or another. It requires intimate knowledge of how Linux works as you need to manually keep the os ‘in spec’. If that’s not you then HAOS is usually a better choice.

It’s … “supported” yes, but … fragile and not recommended.

You have to follow the requirements exactly and keep watching them for changes. If you don’t keep your system 100% in compliance then it’s highly likely you’ll wake up to a non-functioning install.

If you’re running Supervised so that you can run other software on that host… then you’ve already ignored the requirements and have set yourself up for failure.

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If I want to install visual studio code for yaml where can I find the integration?

From docs
Home Assistant Add-ons

Add-ons can be configured via the Settings > Add-ons panel in Home Assistant.


Add-ons are only available if you’ve used the Home Assistant Operating System or Home Assistant Supervised

I’m lost! :smiley:

Assuming you’re running HAOS or Supervised,

Settings > Addons > Addon Store (button - bottom right)

I think I have a problem on my system!
I’m with the conf depicted on first message, but I don’t see “Settings > Addons”.
Can I verify/modify something or have I to reinstall HA supervised from the start?

Maybe your user needs to be in advanced mode.
It is so long ago I setup my Home Assistant Supervised that I can not remember if that is required.
Try clicking your user in the lower left corner and enable advenaced mode.

Thanks, but no luck also with advanced mode

Your image shows you have the Supervisor.

it also shows that you have a development version for some reason…

discovered now that I have two ha installation on docker…

Probably the one that I use was a core not bound to supervisor.
I’ll stop the one that I’m using (maybe the wrong one) and I’ll try to bring up the other one

after turning off second ha docker container (and after fiddling with network settings) HA is up and running with addons enabled!
Now it’s trying to update ha to 2023.2.0, but after downloading it seems stuck on intalling…
after 15 minutes trying to restart give me

[supervisor.utils] Can’t execute restart while a task is in progress

I’ll leave it some more time…