No text in the iPhone push notification

hi there,

does really no text appears in the iPhone push notification when the iPhone is locked?

its just

“Home Assistant”

when I press on the notification it just opens the main dashboard from home assistant and i don’t know ehy the notification appears.

only when I hold the notification I can see the notification text.
“Home Assistant”
Lights on

why does it behave like this?


Two possibilities:

  1. You have your phone set to not show notification details when locked (I can’t remember if you can set this per app though).
  2. The phone is unhappy.

Every once in awhile my Gmail notifications are like that (no details). Generally if I turn the notification off for the Gmail app, turn it back on, and reboot the phone, that tends to clear the problem. You might try that and see if it helps.

so a stupid thing… it was on “no details” on my iPhone :see_no_evil:

thank you for your hint

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Where was this setting at?

what you mean?

on my iphone details notifications