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Hi all,

I am totally new to Home Assistant. I have installed HA on a Raspberry Pi using the image (hassos_rpi3-4.14.img.gz) and this worked fine. I created a user account as ask to do during the setup. I then installed Mosquitto Broker from the Add-in-Store. The Mosquitto documentation says to create a user by go Configuration->Users, but when I go to Configuration I cannot find the User option. I have tried Googling the problem and I have seen people having the same problem but never a solution. The configuration section does have an option called ‘People’ but I am not sure this is same thing.

Can anyone suggest what my problem is?



Enable ‘Advanced Mode’.

Click your account profile icon (last icon at the very bottom of the sidebar menu) and enable the option.

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Hi Taras,

Thank you for the information, it works.

I watched a Youtube video about installing HA on a Pi which also said about installing MQTT but did not mention anything about Advanced Mode.

So thanks again.


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Glad to hear it helped.

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I created a PR to explain this in the Mosquitto addon documentation:

Hi all,
Apologies to all if I’m missing something really obvious.

I’m in the same position as ernieP14, I’m new to HA and can’t get the User option in Configuration. I have installed Mosquito Broker and I have enabled Advanced Mode within my profile, though I can’t see an update or accept button. I have restarted HA and logged out and back in again, Advance Mode button is still enabled so I assume the command has been accepted but still no joy.

I have Home Assistant version 2021.12.3 running on a Raspberry Pi 3+ with an ethernet connection.

Many thanks in advance for any help or assistance offered.


The menus were changed in 2021.12.0. Go to Configuration > People. You should see three tabs: People, Zones, and Users.

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Thank you, best wishes.