No video in Fully Kiosk/WallPanel on Fire HD 8 Tablet

Hi guys,
I am trying to configure a Fire HD 8 tablet to display my HA setup but I just cannot get either Fully Kiosk or WallPanel to display my IP camera feed. Tried both onvif and generic camera, still nothing.
If I load up my HA page on Chrome/Silk on the tablet it actually works fine but I don’t like the non full screen thing.
Something did pop up about outdated webview v59 on the Kiosk app.
Any idea?

Root it and install LineageOS?

Not a bad idea, auto update on Fire OS is annoying for sure but is there a quick fix before I spend inordinate amounts of time on hacking the thing?

Took me maybe two hours, mostly because I needed to clear out a usb stick for live Ubuntu. And it’s very smooth compared to FireOS.

Will look into it, it is a new tablet so hopefully the bootloader is not locked.
Can you confirm that the camera card/video feed work on the LineageOS? Thanks

i just set up my fire 8 tablet and i am getting video - although not tested direct from the camera.
did you use the specific Fire OS fully?

I’m using MQTT alarm panel and then the web version of my HA instance and lovelace.
(also got all the custom cards to show properly by changing type: module to type: js)

Also if you white list alexa when locking down single app, you can still use it to pull up cameras.

[although side note - would love to use tasker to push a command to it from HA to display the doorbell video when the doorbell is rung)

Yeah I know I can say Alexa show my front door (Ring doorbell) but I was talking about the perimeter cameras which are setup with the onvif type. Is it possible to even have a shortcut in HA that opens up the Ring app I wonder?