No voltage history TOMZN Smart Energy Meter

      - sensor.din_rele_65_voltage
      - sensor.din_rele_65_power
      - sensor.din_rele_65_current
      - sensor.din_rele_65_energy

I see a history for all sensors except sensor.din_rele_65_voltage!
I tried to clean the “history” section, but the result is that there are all the histories except sensor.din_rele_65_voltage.
Please help to solve the problem, because saving the history of voltage values is important for my tasks.

Please use the correct formatting (point 11) next time you post yaml.

history includes/excludes only set whether the entities should be displayed in history graphs.
I think you need to configure recorder to include your voltage sensor to actually have historical data that you can then display.

Thank you! The problem is solved!