No WEB outside HomeAssistent network

I managed to make a setup with an ultrasonic sensor hc-sr + an OLED display on a NodeMCU an It is working acceptable showing the distance on display. Still, i wated to get it on a web interface so i also used the web platform.

As long as the device is in the same network with the HA server, the device is showing the web page. But if am taking it out of that network, even if the device is still working, there is no more the coresponding web page.

Is it something normal? What am i missing?

I assume you added the SSID of the new network? And set the reboot_timeout for the API to 0s so it doesn’t reboot every 15 minutes while it keeps trying to connect to HA?

of course. it gets IP, can comunicate via mqtt. everything else is functioning ok. only the webpage stalls.
only if not in the same network with HA. It is strange…at list, to me.