No xiaomi component accept my account


I used for my roborock the map extractor and xiaomi to show information and map in HA.

but I change ISP and the problem appear. I reconnect with the good ip the robock but nothing ( almost ) is working

The problem is none of xiaomi integration accept my account, ( account fully working on )

My account is in FRANCE, so i select EUROPE ( xiomi auto ) or de ( xiomi miio) but i always receive an error.

Does someone have the same problem ? thanks !

( manually with ip and token, the robot is working, but no info or map )

Failed to login the xiaomi cloud account, please check password. If you always fail to login, login to in the same environment as the current network and try again.

in the HA log :

[] Retrieving map name from device
[] Map name roboroommap%2F416213922%2F2
[] Unable to retrieve map, reasons: Logged in - None, map name - roboroommap%2F416213922%2F2, device retrieved - False

I just create another account on xiaomi cloud and this time it’s working !

what the hell my real account had problem ?

After many many test, no found solution, so i used my new account and this time all is working fine, so strange.