No zha_event listener

I cannot listen to zha_event. There is no listener named zha_event. I need to check zigbee device states as I turn them on and off. I type “zha_event” without quotes in Developer Tools > Events > Listen to events section but nothing happens even if I tamper with the zigbee devices.
What could be wrong?

Have you read what I wrote?
There is no zha_event under Active listeners and I did type zha_event there but nothing shows.

Dum question do you have a Zigbee Stick

I use the

then you install the integration


Yes, I do have the exact same dongle and have it configured as ZHA integration.

Have you looked for ZHA related entries in your logs?

I don’t know what you mean by that?
What should I look for and where should I look at?
I have some logs in my logbook like this? Did you mean these?

I mean under Settings → System → Logs

shit that got me stumped

what about doing full backup

of both HA and Zigbee

uninstall and reinstall Zigbee

I got lots of stuff about zha here. Shoud I upload the log file here? What should I seek?

This sounds intimidating. I’ll keep this as a last resort.

This is not normal, so you probabli will find something in the logs that could help you troubleshooting.

Yeah! Maybe we can help you looking for the cause of this issue.
Unless you can see sensitive info there (which shouldn’t be the case).

It’s hard to say, but I would start from the older entries (the first ones after restarting Home Assistant) for any error message and take actions based on that.

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