No Zigbee Devices Showing on Google Home

Everything has been working ok for past couple of years but I have just discovered, as one of the ZigBee bulbs wouldn’t turn on with Google, all ok with Alexa. It isn’t showing in the app.

Also, temp and humidly sensors have all vanished.

Has there been some change that I’ve missed?

I’ve reconnected HA via GH app as well.

Thanks folks.

UPDATE: On the GH app I have reconnected Nabu, but no devices come through. Reset, rebooted… You name it… Any ideas anyone?

Take a look at the zigbee bulb in developer tools, there you can set if it is visible in Google Home:

Or you can go to settings->voice assistants->google assistant, there you can see all entities that are shared with google home.

Thanks for info. It’s showing - have put my Miss Marple Hat on… the investigation continues…

Sorted it - thanks for all your help folks. 10/10