No zone change, but seeing geolocaded location updates

Hey all,

Got something weird going on lately, not sure since which update this is. My geolocation seems to work fine, cause I can see the streetnames change. I’ve walked trough the whole troubleshooting guide as well, and everything seems ok there.

The issue is that my zone isn’t updating the right way. As well on my S22, as my girlfriends S20. I see both geolocations change of the mobiles, but the device_tracker of the mobiles stay on the ‘home’ zone. Before it changes to ‘away’ (or another zone if entered their, work for example).

Anyone with the same behavior?

Another (less android specific) issue, is that I have my Unifi controller watching for connected devices. On my persons tab I set the gps + wi-fi, but it seems like the wi-fi ‘away’ hasn’t the priority over the gps ‘away’. I thought wi-fi should go over this as readed in the docs here.

Thanks a lot!

Yes…same behaviour here…the geocoded location comes from your phone and while your phone may travel to another location, the lat/lon may be fine (device tracker) but the geocoded location may not update until the phone decides to, I am seeing this issue with both iPhone and Android

Yeah, something has changed in this behavior. Before when I walked out of the house, within 1/2 minutes I got the ‘away’ message. When driving towards it, inside the street I got the ‘home’ message. Now it takes a longer time to update or something. Didn’t changed anything to the settings or something. Just keep HA and the Companion app up to date :wink: Or I have missed a breaking change or something.

I donot use geocoded location for being away or not, it is just added info for me, nothing more
Albeit, also my lat/lon updates inconsistently, fast/slow/hardly

yeah, well… me and a lot of other people have read this, there are a plentitude of posts around but no real stable solution. It is quite difficult to find out where the issue really is… the network-provider (eg mine is a LOT slowed abroad), the phone-OS (e.g. for me iphone is poor vs. android) or HA or a combination.

where are your logs? They are also part of the same troubleshooting step.

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I’ve seen a thing yesterday. My girlfriend drove with my car with Android Car and then the gps is updated correctly seems like. Is this because of the active GPS using Google Maps?

The app receives passive location updates anytime another app gets location updates. Those updates come in every 30 seconds.

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Yeah exactly, so that’s the reason the updates came in quickly. I really thought the gps was updated quicker as well without it. During the lunch I always take a little walk, and when I came outside the zone, I always got a update on my smartwatch. Now I’ve days that the device tracker keeps me home whole lunch. I’ll keep a look on it.

About the gps/unifi tracker, shouldn’t it be that if my Unifi says I’m away, it overrules the gps that says that I’m still home?

Yes. This.
Been looking for days now.

This is my problem exactly.

Geolocation updates (history checks out)
Zone doesn’t update. ( Unless i open the app. Then the zone updates immediately.