Node "BigTime" setting "[On/Off] Time2"?

What’s the purpose of the “Time2” settings?

I can’t find any mention on the official Blog announcement or its documentation.

My only guess would be - it allows you to set two time blocks for “On”, e.g. 7am -10am and 6pm - 8pm. But why limit to only 2? Why even have 2 at all?

@guice , your guess as to its use i.e (Time2) is correct. The only way to get around what you are requesting that I’ve found and that I’m aware of, is to configure multiple BigTimers node for the various ‘times’ you are looking to configure. And yes documentation on this feature is not that obvious in terms of its use… It has to be said thought, that it is probably the most flexible timer node in RN.

Trying to give this thead a new go. Since I have these sudden vague issues. I think bigtimer changed over time. See also here:

The main problem is although I have set on time2 to 0.00 it still fires at 0.00. But I am not sure it does it all the time. Also the autor if the node does not really answer the question what on time2 is exactly for and if it can be disabled. He did change the picture in his own blog to the actual one, where the previous one had an empty field for on time2. Anyone may add some extra light on this question/issue?

Same question here: