Node connection map like node-red?

Hello, does HomeAssistant have the easy to work with node connection maps like node-red please?


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Thank you, any reason why not. I am a simple person and images make life easy. HomeAssistant design must be easy enough then without pictures?

No one has written one.

There is a GUI automation editor. Settings β†’ Automations & Scenes.

Or you can use YAML. It’s not really coding, more like writing a recipe.

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I think I found a solution for easy Node Red GUI and Home Assistant.

You said β€œlike” Node Red in home assistant. Which I assumed meant you wanted something like node red but not actually node red.

Home assistant has always been able to connect to Node Red.

Ok, great! Miscommunication on my part perhaps.
Node-red like node used with Home Assistant should help me set it up.