Node js installing in hassio

I have a raspberry pi with ha operating system installed.

For many addons, it appears that node.js is a prerequisite (eg ring-mqtt debug option).

I don’t have node.js in my os, so unless I have accidentally removed it somehow, it seems not to be included in HA.

I have tried many methods to install this but none of these seem to support hassio.

This has knock on effects with other installations that seem to be required for 3rd party githubs such as npm.

Initially, how do I install node.js?

Node.js is nodered. You will be able to find it in the addon store.

That said I am an avid user of nodered and I don’t know of anything that “requires nodered”.

Node.js is used by Node-Red, but node.js can also be used by other programs.

You will find Node.js here: Download | Node.js

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