Node MCU and RPi config outside my home

Hey there!

Lately I experiment some trouble when transporting my project, in my house is completely functional, but when I bring it over to my parents house I need to reconfigure it all.

Mainly because outside my network the Raspberry looses the static IP, and also all the node MCUs need to be reconfigured to an specific wifi network.

Another problem is that some internet providers don’t provide access to the gateway in order to configure all this stuff.

So, is there any way to make the Raspberry force itself to assign an static IP?, also could the NodeMCU prompt a message in order to log in the wifi ssid and passworld?

By doing this I would save a lot of time, thanks in advance!

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HA have a little option to control the network in the configuration → general tab, but if that is enough is uncertain. One thing is to configure a static IP on the raspi, another is to get it “approved” by the DHCP server, which usually runs on the router.
Regarding the NodeMCUs, then I guess it depends on what code you put on them.

When I do such projects, then I gather the SSID, wifi passphrase and DHCP IP exclusion range, which I then use to set up an old router that will then hold the project. The WAN port is just connection to one of the LAN ports on my normal router.