Node Red 0.6.1

Am I completely stupid or what. Since going to 0.6.1 Node Red I can’t deploy anything because it says “not authorized”. Docs say * or read so assume * is all.

"users": [
      "username": "*******",
      "password": "*********",
      "permissions": "*"
      "username": "********",
      "password": "**********",
      "permissions": "*"
  "http_node": {
    "username": "*************",
    "password": "*************"
  "http_static": {
    "username": "*****************",
    "password": "****************"

May have something to do with ducksdns but not sure. Looks like when I am at home and using ducksdns to access node red it will not allow me to deploy a flow. but when I am at work it will allow me to deploy.

I have verified if I access node red outside my home network via ducksdns it will work. I tried to add “permissions” to both the http_node and http_static but it would not work because when I restart node red “permissions” is removed.

Help anyone

Would like to close this as the problem is related to browseres and duckdns.