Node-Red: Access of http in nodes gives 404 - File not found error

Hello everyone,

I’m using HA OS 2021.12.10 with Node-Red 10.3.4 on a PC.
Node-Red is configured with direct access port 1880.

I’ve set up http in nodes (post and get), which should be exposed as http://homeassistant:8123/endpoint/devicein and :8123/endpoint/deviceinget respectively.

However, if I access these nodes (via Firefox Plugin Rested), I get a 404 error. If I access the nodes via the direct access port of NR, ie., http://homeassistant:1880/devicein, I have to supply HA user credentials and afterwards, I get the 404 error.

What is wrong?

Thanks for your input.


I finally found my error:

The HTTP In nodes are exposed relative to /endpoint with respect to the direct access port of Node-Red, e.g. 1880. Thus, accessing the nodes succeeds with http://homeassistant:1880/endpoint/devicein for POST in my case. If not set up, no credentials are required!

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