Node-red add-on not working due to used port

Hello there

I’m having an issue with Node-Red configuration with Tuya. I’m following this one here to configure a node with Node-red.

Unfortunately, it seems that these devices use a port (6666) that is already being used by HA somewhere:


This is the process which seems to be using that port (I identified it via PID):

At this point I’m stuck. Do you have any hints which can help me to identify what’s using that port in HA so I can change it?

I thought about this right after I posted this one here… It’s basically the local tuya integration conflicting with this one. I disabled the integration, rebooted HA and now the node is connected…

I wonder if it is one specific device. I have 2 tuya bulbs with the integration and not getting this error.

It might be, I’ll try other devices to see what happens.

So I made a test. I can disable 1 device at the time but the Node-Red server must run on another machine in order for the connection to work. So I basically have to create the configuration on the test server and then export it. Which is fine, but I actually don’t know how to create a simple entity in HA from Node Red :sweat_smile:

I tried the entity node in Node Red but I’m not getting all info… any good guide showing step by step how to do it? What I need is basically get an entity in HA with all information about electric usage (watt,volt, ampere and Kwh). The current Tuya integration doesn’t show the daily usage and that’s what I need which is supposed to be visible in Node-red.

In the entity node press the + sign in the attributes to add. Like you will need device_class in the home assistant part, then add state_class measurement in the attributes.

You can also add values depending on their message position in the incoming message.

You’ll also need the HACS addon for enties to work.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll try it. In the meantime I managed to get the info I wanted from an existing attribute by using another integration I was not aware of