Node-Red, Alexa and Cover


Is there a way to control covers (shutters or blinds) with Node-Red and Alexa (Node-RED Alexa Home Skill Bridge)? So far I managed to use voice commands to control Hue lights, I would like to add my covers… but the Node-Red Bridge has no option to add covers in the devices manager.

Thanks for your help!

I am thinking that it would be possible to add a new light device and then use it to pass values to a call service node…


Your garage door is just an entity and is fully available in node red via home assistant.

Are you able to control the blinds using HA? If you can you should be able to do it using node-red. Sometimes the entity id doesn’t always show in the list in a Call Service node and you have to manually type it in.


the problem was not node-red, but the alexa integration. Using the node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill, it is necessary to create a device for alexa to control, you can check this out here. This devices are limited to light, switch, plug, thermostat, lock and activity, so no shutters or blinds. But as I said before, I configured a new light device and now it is possible to say “Alexa shutter X on” and the shutter will open.


So Alexa doesn’t recognize COVERS from HA? It sounds like this has nothing to do with HA or Node-Red.

I currently have the same problem. How did you do that?