node-RED and Harmony Integration trigger / messages stop working

I use node-RED fo the automation and i have connected node-RED with node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket 0.30.1 and the Haromony Integration on the Home Assistant end.

My automation flow works flawless. For 24 - 36 hours. After that i receive not a single message. Which means my HA-Trigger node in node-RED does not recognize anything.

When i restart home assistant everything is fine again. For a day.

Any ideas or tips?

The Problem still persists. And is not related to node RED. HA loses connectin to Harmoney after a few hours. I’am still investigating and would like to give an update. Hopefully someone elses “bell” rings :slight_smile:

Wenn the disconnect appears:

  • Hub is and stays always reachable in the complete network (Ping and Harmony Desktop Software)

  • Restartet the complete WLAN (two meshed routers unplug, 2 min. wait, replug)
    No success.

  • Waitung another 20 minutes and unplugged, wait 2 min., replugged Harmony Hub
    No success. Hub reachable from other sources (Ping)

  • restart the Harmony integration in the HA Webinterface by using the Reload Option in the three-dot-menu of the Integration
    Hub works again (until next disconnect in a few hours)

Same goes for a complete restart of HA (which is clear to me)

Any hint or idea will be appreciated!

I’ve created an issue on GitHub. If i can find help there one may find it also (at a later stage, maybe):