Node-RED and Tado

Hello all.
i have been taking the jump to give NR a try on my Home Assistant box.

The thing is this.
i have made a flow for my thermostats in my livingroom.
as long as i have a heating schedule in the Tado app will the NR flow intercept the heating plan for a short time like if i do a temp change in the Tado app.

if i delete the Tado schedule then theres no change in the heating from NR.

Is there someone here the have some knowledge that might help?

If we adjust any tado thermostat via home assistant then the new setting is kept in tado indefinitely and is not overwritten by any pre set schedules within tado itself.

You can however command all or each thermostat vi ha to go back to ‘auto’ mode and that will cause it to revert back to its own schedule.

Can’t assist with NR as I don’t use it

Node red use the same service calls as Home Assistant so what rossk said applies to Node red also.

Node red is just a graphic way to make automations (kind of).

The HA part was i clear about.
But as time goes the list of automations gets longer and longer.
and after a good chunk of time the list is huge and hard to find around in. and with node red i could collect all my heating in one place and better “see” whats going on.

I have tryed to make it like in HA but the only call i can make in NR are the climate one and that one is a temp there will revert after some time.

I know Node red but not Tado so I can’t help with that.
But if you have yaml automations/scripts that work then you can post them and we can help translate them.

The only heating atoumation i have is home/away and open/closed window right now…
again. do to the list of other automations i turned to NR so i don’t get a too long list of automations.

Alone my config file lost around 200 lines of code just by spliting the file and split the sensor section out on other files…

i like my setup tigdig so i can find things easy…

i have now change my settings a bit so the node red configuration pool the heating plan from Tado.
So presumely if i can make a hvac plan in note red i will maybe be enable to get it to work.

Hi Alex

I have a hard time following what it is you want to accomplish. My take is that when you delete the schedule from the thermostat, you can no longer change the temp from nodered or HA?

If this is the case that sounds like it is specific to the thermostat integration.

The same service calls should work whether or not there is a schedule active, perhaps you’re shutting down the thermostat in it’s entirety and not just the schedule?

it may well be the integration theres the problem. im not sure…

but yes. as long theres a schedule i can make a climate.temperature call and the thermostate change its value…
if i delete the schedule and run the exact same flow nothing happens…

And i do not shut the thermostat down becouse i can still change the temps in the official Tado app schedule or not.

The integration provides a climate entity? Do you have that set to a thermostat card in a dashboard? If not add one and then try adjusting the thermostat from the dashboard card, does that work while the schedule is disabled?

just tested it…
HA have the same problem as NR…

I then testet temperature changing in the Tado app and HA sees them but can’t change them.

If it does not work from the thermostat card, that needs to be solved first.

Okay then.
Back to google i see.

So for now i deactivate the node red thing and keeps my schedule on Tado to i find a solution to the connection problem.

You could try this

Go to the Integration page → At Tado integration press Configure/Settings → Disable fallback mode

It may help with what your experiencing

i will look into it in a few days when i get the time to look at it again.
But thanks for the advice.
I will report back whit my findings when i have tryed it.