Node RED - Aqara mini switch - Hold & Release not working

Good evening,
I have Aqara mini switch wifi integrated via Zigbe2mqtt and after the last update of Node-RED, I found this bug.
Node-RED stopped to detect statuses HOLD and RELEASE for my Aqara mini switch.
Single and Double statuses are working fine.
I checked it via Debug node in Node-RED.
I see that HOLD and RELEASE are visible in the MQTT log.
Home Assitant 2021.1.5
Node-RED v. 8.0.1

Can somebody confirm this problem too?

how does the debug output looks like when you listen the mqtt topic in node-red?

I use The Event State Node for listening in Node-RED.
As I wrote above, suddenly it not able to recognize a state - Hold & Release.

I checked MQTT state output log this way.
Configuration -> Integration -> MQTT -> Devices -> Aqara wireless switch (WXKG11LM) by Xiaomi -> MQTT INFO -> Most recent received messages

I see Hold state in the log … the same for Release state. Both are there.

I do not know how to check the MQTT state in Node-RED directly.

you can use mqtt-in node to see what does the payload look like. if the hold is visible in the mqtt payload, then you can run your automation directly in node-red as a work around.


Thank you for your reply but unfortunately, I have not any MQTT broker available.
MQTT is added via Integrations.
What should I do?
Thank you.

you already have an MQTT broker if you have that integration… click configure and click re-configure. you will see your broker ip address and other information to setup the same in node-red. mine looks like this:

since you are there, you can also listen the topic for debugging purposes.


thank you for your reply.
I have created new MQTT Broker but I did not know how to obtain TOPIC in the Mqtt node.

So I have this solution for other users - how to find TOPIC

TOPIC is your value here:

Hope it helps.