Node-Red beginner - Can't find Halt-If

I’ve just added node-red to my HA and watched a few you-tube videos and am totally flumoxed.
Everyone’s HA nodes show a ‘Halt If State’ section and I can’t find one. The most relevant looking youtube video uses a node called ‘current state’ that has an arrow point up to the right, my node has <…>. Though I could change the node’s icon by selecting one from a list.
Did I miss something on the install, I chose NO extras at every stage.

There’s the first problem. Outdated videos.

Because it was changed quite some time ago.

This is what you should see:

If you want the same effect as ‘Halt If’, you just select the ‘If State’ and it will go out the first output.


Makes great sense, now I know I can proceed and stop looking for the unfindable !