Node Red Call Service not doing anything?

So I have a servo running though ESP home that flushes a toilet.

Every now and again, it would not change back to the default value without triggering it again (motion sensor). So I decided to put a poll in there to reset it. But it doesn’t work.


The poll detects the current servo value and if not the depressed value calls the service to change it, simple enough.

Looks to be working, but nothing happens on the device. The poll works, the call service appears to make the call, but nothing happens.

If I check the device logs, they show up fine and consistently. Wi-Fi signal is consistent, not the best. But this things not streaming movies lol so…

Is there someone else I can look between the call service and the ESP32?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


So I just reset it, with the idea of sending this off and seeing if someone had an idea.

But it seems these changes are not being reflected in Node Red?

Servo shows

But none of these times are right in Node Red (the bottom flow is the motion sensor flow)

There is nothing in the logs, how can I investigate why NR is being so flaky