Node red call service set value from msg.payload


I’m trying to set an input_number’s value in a flow in Node Red.

Im using a call service node.

I want to get the value from volume_level and send it to an input_number

msg.finnes_sonos_data.attributes : Object

{ source_list: array[1], volume_level: 0.5, is_volume_muted: false, media_content_id: "http://xxxxxx/api/…", media_content_type: "music" … }

How do I set the value in jason?

I got it to work with this

{ "value": {{entity.media_player.sonos_finnes_kontor.attributes.volume_level}} }

After i have sendt a tts i want to set the volume to the input_number value?

How do I replace “0.8”, with an input_number value, input_number.postkasse_lyd:


the same as you did above but reference the state of the entity not an attribute.

{"volume_level": {{entity.input_number.postkasse_lyd.state}} }
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Thanks, that did it :slight_smile: