Node-RED call service with unwanted side-effect

I would appreciate if someone could help me with a problem with Node-RED call service nodes that don’t behave as expected.

I have a device with two digital output channels connected to my Home Assistant. Each of the channels has its own entity in Home Assistant and can also be controlled individually from HA dashboard or by an automation rule, but when trying to control the entities from the Node-RED call service node, this doesn’t work, instead when one of the turn_on or turn_off services is activated for one of the entities, the intended entity gets impacted as expected but also the other entity is impacted as well for the same device, which is very annoying.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

It seems like a bug to me, but wanted to check with you guys first.

So when you execute “Energy boost on” it turns on the switch. Are you are saying that affects another switch as well? I think we need more info to know how to help. (if you connect switches that my have issues if there is something in the msg.payload)

Right now you are just calling a service. if you have an automation that runs in HA nothing will happen above. for something to happen in Node-Red you would need a “trigger:state”.

Yes, the device has two switches, with one entity each in HA. So if one of the swtiches is switched on/off , the other switch does exactly the same simultaneously when the switches are controlled through Node-RED, but they work as expected when controlled natively in HA, but I need/want to have it through Node-RED since I want to use pretty advanced logic to control the switches.

Note sure I understand that I would need a "trigger state in Node-RED o make it happen. Right now I am testing with the simple inject/timestamp node to trigger the switch, and it looks all right in Node-RED debug messages, but nevertheless even the untouched switch switches, which I can see in HA dashboard2022-11-09 20_24_18-Overview – Home Assistant

What does your service node look like in node red? like the below

I am guessing you have the name in device which is not specific enough, try putting it in Entity.

Entity is there, see below

Try removing the device so it looks like mine. Honestly I don’t know when you would use “Device”

Wonderful! Thanks a lot jasondreher. That made it work :grinning: